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Spotlight Sunday #1: Esthetics Business Owner Stephanie Castro

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Hi all! 
Here is the first Spotlight Sunday! Sorry it's rather late. Without further delay, let's get started. Meet Stephanie the Esthetician! I stumbled across her Instagram and fell in love with her whole vibe and knew I had to interview her. She is a 23 year old who owns a small solo practice in Florida called Glow Getter Studio. You can tell how down to earth and knowledgeable this woman is just by her Instagram posts.

What made you want to become an Esthetician and when did you decide to go on your own?

So many different things played a role in that! I’ve always been so interested in how the skin works so I was considering being a Dermatologist but college just wasn’t for me! After getting a facial once, It all clicked and I realized I could make this my career. It allowed me to help others feel confident in themselves and I get to deal with skin all day! It was a no brainer to begin esthetics school which was a shorter program than being a dermatologist Lol
After graduating esthetics school I began working at a day spa that wasn’t a good match for me. I’ve always had that drive to be my own boss so I decided to rent an office space and go out on my own!

Do you find that since you're so young, clients don't take you seriously? If so, what do you do to overcome that?

I have been blessed with amazing clients that understand that I’m always learning, growing , and evolving. I think the main thing to overcome that is being real with your clients and educating them so that way you build their trust.

What was your biggest fear when starting your business and how do you feel looking back now?

My biggest fear was failure! I was afraid that I wouldn’t gain enough clientele to fill my books and support my family. Looking back I wish I would’ve started sooner!

Any advice to someone who’s about to go solo for the first time?

Step out of your comfort zone!  Don’t let fear hold you back from an amazing career ahead of you. Put some blinders on and focus on your self and your business don’t worry about what others are doing because no one can do it like YOU! Also I always recommend that if you want to go solo build your brand and get your name out there! I have gained 90% of my clientele through social media so be very consistent and stand out!

What’s your goal for your business this year?

One of my main goals for this year is to hit six figures but I also want to invest in myself and in my knowledge.  I want to attend more trainings and seminars to grow as a person and as an Esthetician so then I can grow my business.

And finally, tell us a funny, sweet or horror moment that happened with a client.

Ok, so when I worked at the day spa there was a client that came in wanting a male Brazilian. We didn’t do those at the spa but the receptionist told me that this customer wanted to ask me a question. I came to the front and explained that we didn’t do male Brazilians. He proceeded to tell me that he wanted to remove some hair around his thigh area instead. So I took him back to the room to get him started. When I look he already had a patch of hair missing and he explained that he went to another spa earlier that day and they did a “sample” wax so he wanted me to also do a “sample” wax and finish waxing his entire thigh for FREE! I told him he had to pay for the service because we don’t do samples here LOL and so he just left 😂



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